At Small Dog Weaving Mill we design and weave yard-goods from locally sourced yarn that has been produced from locally grown fiber.  We work with local fiber growers and sheep farmers who bring in their finished yarn, to be woven into beautiful fabric.  We work together to decide what would be the best weave structure and end use for their fiber and yarn.  When the weaving is done, the fiber growers and sheep farmers can take the fabric yardage to sew, and finish into their own products to sell, or let Small Dog Weaving Mill help them transform their fabric into finished products.  We sell limited editions of this locally grown, processed and woven fabric by the full yard.

Small Dog Weaving Mill also weaves a range of 100% linen products made up of towels ranging in size from Face Towels on up to huge Bath Towels, Throws and Pillows, and Table linens which includes Table Runners, Placemats, and Napkins. These are sold by our sister company, Väva! Veve! (

We have so much talent and so much capability close around us. We should be using it! It may be more expensive initially, but costs should come down based on elemental economies of competition, and supply and demand.

WELCOME Farmers!  Growers!  Fashion Designers!  Interior Designers!  Craftspeople!  Makers!  Artists!   Come on in!  Contact us!  Let's talk!